BOA believes in being so much more than just a bridal boutique; we are an entire creative process that ultimately welcomes you into our community of loved-up women who have had their perfect “I do” moment or are dreaming it up! We focus on pioneering a new world of timeless vintage romance through the luxury of made to measure and customised modern design. YOUR dreams are the foundation of our world.

Our small hand picked BOA family is made up of a team of knowledgeable dreamers who above all believe in love, magic and sublime design. Each dream maker understands what it means to have a vision and is passionate about bringing yours to life. We believe in bringing the vision of your perfect gown to life!

Our small business has grown and changed over the many years we have been in the bridal business. Following an organic path and story of two sisters separated by an ocean but brought together by their shared passion for bridal gowns. With over 40yrs collective experience between them the Brides of Armadale experience has grown to what and who we are today; dream makers!

What sets us apart is our attention to the details, the small or sometimes big things that makes your gown yours! Our ability to customise any of our designs promises to suit your needs at an accessible price point.

We strive above all to help our brides find and fall utterly in love with their dream gown! We want you to look and feel amazing on your special day and understand the importance and significance of finding the right gown to suit your unique femininity. This is why we offer the flexibility to customise designs and make a gown truly yours, something you will look back on with starry eyes filled with love.



Our dreamy designs are offered in made-to-measure and custom gowns that celebrate not only you, but also your unique femininity through timeless design, romance and the luxury of bringing your dreams to life!

We have a large range of sample styles designed by us to try on in our High St boutique, making it easy for you to start the journey of finding your perfect match. Our stylists thrive on inspiring you when needed, and assisting in pinpointing the shapes, colours, necklines etc that will make up your dream dress! Our BOA family is just as unique and creative as our brides, making you and us a match made in heaven!

We understand that your style is personal, and therefore so are your consultations. Our one-on-one appointments focus not only on trying on gowns, but exploring other options, styling and accessories. With being a BOA bride comes no need for compromise- with us your dreams come true!

Booked an appointment and had your consultation? CHECK.
Dared to dream above and beyond anything else you’ve ever seen before? CHECK.
Now what?!

Pause to smile and prepare yourself, because this is where the magic happens! Once your vision is pieced together in your mind, we sit down together and convert it to paper! Together we sketch your custom design- select fabrics, laces and beading and take your body measurements so we can create your gown to fit like a glass slipper!



BOA is a family owned business with its exclusive boutique based on Melbourn’s High St, Armadale!

We design all our gowns in house from our Melbourne based workroom and are lucky enough to have our very own Shanghai dream factory-workroom that crafts our gowns. We work very closely together throughout the process to bringing your dream dress to life!

The relationship between our Melbourne boutique and Shanghai workroom is a unique and very close one, run by two sisters and a shared passion for bridal gowns. Siew whom owns and runs our Armadale boutique and her sister Bob who makes our beautiful gowns with her small and very specialised team of expert seamstresses in Shanghai. This unique relationship allows us flexibility in creating yourcustom designs, allowing a close eye over quality control and accessible pricing.

All BOA gowns are made in our workroom. Once the fittings commence, however, the gowns stay in our High St location where all your fittings, fine detail finishing and alterations are completed by one of our experienced inhouse team.

It is our sincere promise to you that each and every dream we bring to life is treated with utmost love and respect, insuring every time our signature attention to detail and quality that is unparalleled!

We also offer the popular and exclusive Capsule Collection of local designer Lenka Couture. These gorgeous silk gowns are all made to measure for you from a calico fitting through to the final gown. They are designed and ethically made in entirety in Melbourne, with all fittings at our High St boutique.